Imperium Lotus Branding and Artwork


For Imperium Lotus I created a simple and solid logo. One of the qualities for an effective logo is clarity. Clarity is accomplished through design simplicity. For the artwork of his first track, the color combination of black and green has been chosen. It creates a dark and mysterious look and feel which refers to the nightlife and the EDM scene.

Curious about the track “Oliva (Oh Baby)”? Listen to it now on Spotify.


As a newcomer in the electronic world, Imperium Lotus is a passionate artist who is exploring the opportunities of EDM. Day and night he is working on new tracks, creating new sounds, and learning the in and outs of different kinds of soft- and hardware in his studio.

Imperium Lotus is a great person to work with. He is very clear in his communication. He knows what he wants. I really enjoy working with him. More tracks are coming, so stay tuned for more artworks.